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Free Courses: Snap on Subscriptions by Ben Adkins

Bombshell Revealed..How He Skips the Expensive Membership Site Software and Uses two Special Types of Content to Quickly and Easily Build Subscription Programs that people pay for month after month.

Leading Online Subscriptions Expert Reveals his Little Known Proven Formula to Building and Growing your Own Popular Subscription Program…  (Even If You’re Brand New to Making Money Online)


The 3 Road Blocks of a Successful Subscription or Membership Program:


Successful Subscription Roadblock #1

You get stuck trying to use expensive and complicated membership software (you don’t need it despite what some guru, who was probably selling the software, might have told you).


Successful Subscription Roadblock #2

You try to build a subscription program in a niche that just isn’t right for recurring revenue (not all niches work with Subscriptions and Memberships).


Successful Subscription Roadblock #3

You think you have to continue to create new content month after month to continue feeding your subscription or membership program and satisfy your subscribers (you don’t and you shouldn’t).



Before I Show You What’s Inside..

What Makes the “SnapOn Subscription Model” Different Than All the Other Subscription Trainings You’ve Gone Through?


The thing that makes this program different is that you’re going to get to actually see a real subscription program that is live and making money for me right now. This isn’t something that just worked in the past. This is a subscription program that I have built and refined over the last two years.

You’re getting an exclusive behind the scenes look at how it all works, and the exact model that powers it.
This took me years to refine and, unlike most of the folks out there teaching subscription programs, I’ve not teaching you this to get you to buy a piece of software to run your membership. I’m showing you this model because I believe that when you’ve become successful at something it’s your job to “send the elevator back down and help others get up to the top”.

Here’s Just a Little of What You Get Access to Inside:

(laid out for you in easy-to-digest step-by-step videos)

An Uncensored Look at a Real $100K Generating Subscription Program.

I’m not someone who just teaches a concept. I test it and refine it so that I can show you something that really works. I’m going to take you behind the scenes of an actual subscription program that follows this exact model (it’s done pretty well for us). Just seeing the “guts” of this is enough to help you put together your first successful subscription program.


The “10,000 ft View” of the Subscription Model I Use and how it works

You’re going to get a full view of how the “Snap on” Model works and how it blends a ton of things that you’ve probably heard about as you’ve waded through the online space… but puts them together in a model that ACTUALLY WORKS. Yes… You can do this even if you’ve never gotten it right before.


The Real Reason Why You Don’t Need Membership Site Software

Fact: Until you’re making over 50k a month online, you don’t need expensive membership software. I’ll show you how to do everything with a few easy to build webpages, an autoresponder, and your favorite shopping cart.


The Shocking Reason why you Should Only Create a Defined of Content for your Membership Site and then Stop… and Never Start Again.

If you really want to build something that makes you money month after month, you need to get it out of your head that you need to keep creating content every month. That may sound odd, but you’ll see exactly why on the inside.


How to Build a Subscription on the “Psychology of Collecting”

This is the core of why our Subscription Programs are so “sticky”. Once you understand how this works, you’ll be able to build subscriptions that get people to stick once they’re in.


The EXACT Audiences that you Should Sell a Subscription To

Face it. Not all audiences are built for subscription programs. Stop trying to force a Subscription Program on folks that won’t sign up and just let me show you the exact audiences that will.


The 2 Types of Content that Get Subscribers (and keeps them)

This is the core of everything. Once I show you the right audiences to target, you’ll just need to know what type of content they will pay you over and over again for. I’ll show you inside.


How to Create the Special Content that Makes it Work

I’ll also show you a silly easy way that you can create the content for your subscription program. It takes a little work, but once it’s done, it will make you money for years. (and really… it’s not that much work when you compare it to a lot of the things you’ve done that haven’t worked in your business.)


A Full overview of how to create the Pages that Power it

You’ll see how to create everything that makes the membership work. You can build this stuff no matter what your preferred page maker. (WordPress, HTML, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, etc. all work) NO MEMBERSHIP SOFTWARE NEEDED.


A Full overview of how to Power it all with an Email Autoresponder and Cart

Once you build the content and pages you just need to create the “brains” to deliver it and make sure you get paid easily. I’ll show you exactly how I do it (and trust me… you can pull this off even if you don’t use the same autoresponder or shopping cart that I do)


My Subscription Secrets for Making More Income Fast

I can’t say a lot here… Just know that this is the Secret Sauce that you add on once you get everything built. You’ve probably seen me using this stuff in my own business but you may have missed how it all works together.


How to Create my Flagship “3 Pronged Snap-on-Subscription Style” Asset

This is my favorite part of the Snap on Model. When you build things the way that I’m going to show you inside, you’ll actually be creating 3 things at once. One to build a targeted list (who you can sell to later), One to Build a Monthly Income, and One Asset that you can sell for a nice one time fee. Put them all together and that’s when the magic happens. The best part… you get 3x the Money Generating Assets for just 1x the work.



Do Pioneers Get Scalped?

There is an old saying in business “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper”. I’m willing to bet you’ve probably already tried to do this on your own and went through all the uncertainty and failure that we all do when we’re “blazing our own trail”.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system of dozens of “Pioneers” before you that made 1000 costly mistakes before being successful at building and running their own monthly subscription program.

Imagine Being Able To:

  • Setup Your Own Subscription Site in the Next 21 Days.
  • Do it without having to Pay for and Learn how to Use Expensive or Clunky Membership Site Software.
  • Know that you’re aimed at the right audience before you even create a single piece of content or webpage.
  • Easily create the kind of content that will keep subscribers paying you month after month.
  • Start making money with your subscription program before you create all of the content for it.
  • Build something that will not only get you paid monthly, but will get you optins for your email list, and make you sales of mid ticket products at the same time.
  • Do it all without having to ever wonder if what you’re creating is actually something that people will want to buy (the second you see how this works you’ll know why I’ve been so successful building subscriptions built with this model)
  • Do it all without having to create content for the rest of your life.



Exactly What You’re Getting Inside the Advanced Package:


  • A Private Look Inside a Real $9.95/m Subscription Program.
  • Behind the Scenes of a $67/m Subscription Program.
  • An Over the Shoulder Look at a $199/m Subscription Program.
  • My PRIVATE Snap on Model Subscription Page Templates.
  • My PRIVATE Subscription Signup Grabbing Sales Script Scripts.

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