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Free Audiobook: Gringo By Dan “Tito” Davis

Free Audiobook: Gringo By Dan “Tito” DavisGringo by Dan "Tito" DavisPeter Conti
Genres: Science, Philosophy & Social Aspects, Technology & Engineering, Social Aspects, Essays, Robotics, Art, Film & Video, Performing Arts, Film, Genres, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Dan "Tito" Davis comes from a town in South Dakota that is so small everyone knows their neighbor's cat's name. But once he got out, he made some noise. While at UNLV, he started manufacturing White Crosses, aka speed, and soon had the Banditos Motorcycle Club distributing ten million pills a week. After serving a nickel, he got into the weed game, but just when he got going he was set up by a childhood friend. Facing thirty years, Davis slipped into Mexico, not knowing a word of Spanish, which began a thirteen-year odyssey that led him to an underground hideout for a Medellin cartel, through the jungled of the Darien Gap, the middle of Mumbai's madness, and much more.

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