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Download/ Play mp3/ m4b files

 How to download audiobooks

Simply click on the ‘Share To Unlock’ button to unlock the download link. We work with to monetize our site so a pop-up ad window may appear. However please rest assured that the download link should be valid and should not take you elsewhere.

*While we are now having some technical issues with Google Drive, we are now replacing all current download links with the alternative third-party download links. We apologize if you happen to stumble upon some invalid links as it takes some time to fix them all. 

Audiobook File Format

Zip file: Some audiobooks are bulky and may be compressed in zip file(s), Please download the file and unzip the contents. The zip file should not be password protected.

MP3 (.mp3): MP3 is the name of the file extension and also the name of the type of file for MPEG, audio layer 3. Layer 3 is one of three coding schemes (layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3) for the compression of audio signals. A common file can be played by most streaming programs and music devices. However most players do not allow “bookmarks” the progress like m4b files. Fortunately some audiobook players come with features that allows “bookmarks”.

M4B (.m4b): Audiobook/podcast extension with AAC or ALAC encoded audio in an MPEG-4 container. Both M4A and M4B formats can contain metadata including chapter markers, images, and hyperlinks, but M4B allows “bookmarks”, whereas most other formats like MP3, M4A do not. If, for example. you are listening to a book on your devices, you can conveniently pause (bookmark) it and resume where you left off at another time simply with iTunes or common m4b players. This is a lot more convenient than having to skip through the whole book trying to find the exact point you got to. Audiobooks can be a few hours long and so the M4b format is the perfect choice due to its bookmarking feature.

Audiobook player recommendation

While audiobook can be highly entertaining, educative and soothing while you are driving, working, day dreaming, jogging, swimming, reading the same book, etc…, here are some players we have found useful, and most importantly FREE for the devices you are using to listen!

For Windows/ Mac/ Desktop/ Laptop


Image result for itunes audiobook

Download here.

iTune is the best way to organize and enjoy the muisc and TV, but it can do more than that. It’s also a good audiobook player. It is already compatible with mp3 and m4b formats. We can not say it’s the best one, but we have to admit it’s the most beautiful one. With the very pretty interface, it also can manage your audiobooks by artists, albums, songs, or genres which will allow you to find the audiobook you want to read much quickly.

For Android Devices

Smart Audiobook Player

Image result for smart audiobook player

Download here.

If you’re looking to listen to DRM-free audiobooks already in your collection, Smart Audiobook Player is a popular choice for Android devices that comes with a good selection of features, such as variable playback speed, bookmarking, an audio equalizer, some basic collection management features, a sleep timer and control widgets for the notification tray and most importantly mp3 and m4b formats both with bookmark feature.

For Apple Devices

Mp3 Audiobook player

Image result for mp3 audiobook player

Download here.

MP3 Audiobook Player is a convenient app for listening MP3 and M4B format books on any Apple gadget with bookmark features. No need to waste your time for books converting anymore! Another great feature is that it is supporting remote control from Apple and compatible headphones, bluetooth, Apple Watch!